Creative Process.

How We Work.

Every project that altitude takes part in is unique, but the process that helps guide each one has been perfected and standardized over the past decade. Creativity absolutely needs freedom, but when specific end goals must be met, having a process to guide those creative juices in the proper area is beneficial for all involved.

Phase 1: Discover

Before any pencils meet paper, we start by really getting to know you, your brand, your audience, and what problems you intend to solve with the project. We begin by asking questions, lots of questions.

The insight that comes from this research will help us understand your brand, goals, audience, project scope and of course desired results. With this we can highlight and define the creative problems and discover strategies for solving those issues.

The Discover phase and its in-depth insights are what sets apart a project run by an experienced branding & design shop like altitude as compared to going with a design competition or templated work.

Phase 2: Craft

This is where our creative juices really start flowing, and pencil meets paper -literally! By utilizing sketching, creative thinking exercises, and collaborative discourse, together with you, we generate concepts that express the project's core objectives.

Every choice we make, from layout and colour to type size and style, is done with purpose. The decisions are made with the latest research and trend reports as well as your intent in mind. Now, not all decisions are good ones, but that is why we iterate our work in this phase. altitude doesn't settle: we don't just go with the first idea that we come up with, we work through the project's challenges until we find the best solutions possible for the problem at hand.

The stand-out ideas are chosen for crafting into polished initial concepts and are run through small batch pre-testing to ensure the directions will work and are empathetic and functional for you and your audience. We then present the initial concepts to you and work with you to turn one of these ideas into the project's strategic direction.

Phase 3: Deploy

Here is where we sweat the details, ensuring that every element of your project is precisely tailored and pixel perfect before sending it out the proverbial door. Throughout this phase we proof & finalize the chosen creative direction; then we check, double-check, proof again, and package up your the project for delivery!

However, just because the project is deployed does not mean our work is necessarily done. We can gather metrics and feedback to evaluate how the launch went and gauge reactions, sales, impressions! Sometimes launches are not as strong as they could be, so with the feedback we can tweak the project to better serve your brand.

Just because this is the end of the project, doesn't mean this is Goodbye, it is more of a see you next time. altitude prides itself on growing our community and our clients' story; that is why we treat each project as a chance to make a relationship, not a transaction.