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From Brand Positioning and Logo Design to Signage and Annual Reports, altitude can propel you above the crowd with bespoke & comprehensive projects for your brand that bind the physical & digital space.


Brand Strategy

Brands are living entities that morph and evolve over time, so it is important that purposeful and effective guide posts be in place.

This is where the big strategic picture is formed. It involves researching & understanding all aspects of your brand and devising a plan to build & maintain brand equity.

Managing consistent brand expression & audience expectations is imperative, especially in today's fast-paced digital world, where audiences come in contact with thousands of brands a day.

Brand Positioning

This is the guiding principal behind all brand activity. Positioning requires identifying & determining your brand's unique selling proposition and then using it to foster the right brand identity and brand image.

Brand Audit

A thorough & extensive analysis of the current brand position (internally & externally). Being informed of your brand's effectiveness & finding opportunities or threats is a necessity in today's fast paced, digital-first world.


Brand Identity

A well-thought out brand identity is a necessity, not a luxury. This is doubly so for small businesses in cities like Ottawa, with tons of brands vying for attention.

A brand's identity is the tangible ways people come into contact with it, through the five senses sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. altitude can craft new identities, refresh current logos, and extend existing brands product lines.

Brand Identity

The system of elements created to reflect the values of the organization and to appeal to its audience consistently. Going well beyond a logo; including colours, type, tone, materials, and sound. Every touch point is an opportunity to project you.

Logo Design

Seen as the crown jewel of brands; logos that are aesthetic, timeless, and memorable are one of the most effective shortcuts for an audience to know what they're getting. Rise above and be in the forefront of your audience's mind.


What's in a name? Quite a lot actually. Today, brand names need to be short, memorable, and appropriate (no Nike burgers?!). Just like a logo, a name is often the first impression your audience has, so make it stick, for the right reasons.

Brand Character

Every brand has a unique voice & personality. Great brands harness that unique character. This sets them apart and helps anchor the brand in the minds of their audience. After all, when people get you, they are less likely to forget you.


Visual Design

Design is not just about making things pretty, but making things better as well. A visually appealing design can speak to how well something works. This is key, as research has shown that 8 out of 10 Canadians make purchasing decisions based on "how the product looks". Design helps ensure you are perceived as great as your product is.

Utilizing design priniciples such as colour theory and visual hierarchy, altitude prides itself on the attention to detail and approach taken with each and every design project taken on.

Graphic Design

Graphic design without purpose is just decoration. When guided by design principles and project objectives, graphic design is an essential part of every successful brand, from magazine illustrations to annual reports.


Help the lost find their way or promote your newest product in store. The easier it is for people to find what they need -or want- the happier they are. Crafting environmental signatures that connect with your brand and enhance the surroundings.


Packaging exists to protect your products but it can also be used to catch the eye of passersby. Crafting packaging solutions that are aesthetic, expressive, and evocative helps engage your audience at the moment of a purchasing decision.


Integrate the impact of narrative based storytelling with the power of data. Research shows that visuals with bite-sized amounts of data are preferred over straight data; tie this into a narrative and the data becomes usable knowledge.


On-call Creativity.

Ottawa, we get it, the vast majority of small businesses & not-for-profits can't afford to keep an in-house creative team. That shouldn't mean you can't benefit from high-quality on-call creativity.

That is why altitude offers a customizable creative solutions retainer for select Ottawa brands at an approachable price point. It's like having your own in-house creative team without the overhead!


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The Creative Process.

Every project that altitude takes part in, whether it is an effort in refreshing your brand or designing a book cover, we utilize a process to help guide the creative flow. Creativity absolutely needs freedom, but when precise objectives need to be met, having a strong and reasoned process to guide the creative juices is beneficial for all involved.

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