Shield the Protectors.

A veteran led health & safety company looking to create physical products to prevent Occupational Stress Injuries primarily in first responders.

Role Project Team
Solutions Logo Design
Client First Response Health & Safety Inc.

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First Response Health and Safety Inc logo overlayed on a group of police officers in dress uniform


Ottawa-based health and safety company led by a Canadian Forces veteran, needed to outwardly project the protective element of its products. Altitude was contracted to craft the logo design.

“You'll be pleasantly surprised at what altitude can create.”
Graham I., Founder/CEO

The Details.

With target users being first responders, strong visual elements that felt familiar to them were key in developing this logo. The shield itself represents both the products protecting the first responders, but also the responders themselves. Melded together they become stronger and help resist the mental injuries that are unfortunately prevalent amongst veterans and first responders.

The wordmark further carries on the feelings visualized through the logo, so if need be, it can standalone. As a veteran-run company, we felt it important to craft a brand that spoke to both the history of the president and also the target demographic the first responders of Canada.

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