Keeping History Alive.

An historical society based out of Southwestern Ontario looking to preserve the history of Ontario’s ambulances, ambulance services, and paramedics was formed in 2017.

Role Project Team
Solutions Naming & Logo Design
Client Ontario Ambulance Historical Society

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Ontario Ambulance Historical Society Logo overlayed on a photo of a paramedic pushing a stretcher


Ontario organization looking to preserve ambulance history, needed a logo design to help bring to life the start of their historical society. With the organization's mission, values, and vision already in place, altitude was contacted to help with naming decisions & crafting their logo design.

The Details.

The logo was created to be a mark that unites the two major elements of their society's purpose, Ontario and recognition and preservation of ambulatory service history. The Trillium has been the official emblem of Ontario's government since the 1960s and official flower since 1937. Choosing the flower as a representation of Ontario continuously showed up in initial sketches and proved an indelible mark to signify Ontario.

The second element of the logomark is the Star of Life, in Ontario and around the world it represents emergency medical services and their personnel. It is often found with the rod of Asclepius (a symbol of medical care) affixed in the center; however, through our brand discovery a clear and minimalist style was called for.

The layout of the logomark with the trillium flower and the Star of Life overlapping and offset was done to mimic the geographic shape of Ontario. The colour choice was also derived from research and historical precedence. Historically, Ontario provincial ambulances used to be striped in a deep rich blue, an approximation of this colour is used as the primary colour with this visual identity.

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