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Identity refresh for a National Capital Region association trying to invigorate the federal public service with young professionals.

Role Project Team
Solutions Brand Identity
Client NCR YPN

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The NCRYPN logo overlayed on a close up photo of two hands in a handshake


Modernize the association's brand and attract young federal public service professionals to join the association in the National Capital Region.

The icons and descriptions in french and english for NCRYPN's core purposes.  They are: cultivate, depicted by a growing flour; connect, denoted by a power plug; and, collaborate, visualized by the symbol for infinity.

Project Brief.

The National Capital Region Young Professionals Network (NCR YPN) asked that their brand better align with their intended role and for assistance in clarifying their purpose with regards to its position in advocating for and supporting young professionals. As such, altitude needed to first discover the Why of the network.

From this "Why" a brand identity would be created to act as the face of the brand. Representing young members of the Canadian public service, the network identity was required by policy to be accessible, bilingual, and free of political intonations. Further the identity needed to be distinct from the Government of Canada and internal government brands as well.

“A critical factor to the success of our re-branding efforts. In a short timeline, we were able to deliver a refreshed brand identity consistent with our organization's values.”
Roby A.
Co-chair, National Capital Region Young Professionals Network
Two verions of the NCRYPN logo. First is all black with the French name below it. Second is full colour with the English name below it.

The Details.

Starting with a brand audit, we honed in on the core Why of the network and denuancing the bureaucratic jargon that is typically present. What altitude discovered was a foundation of three purposes that led the network in its mission:

  • Connect young professionals across the NCR
  • Cultivate their experiences & skills
  • Collaborate with other members of the FYN

This provided the basis for crafting the visual identity system.

With the brand discovered and the purpose clarified, it was off to visualize the identity. The decision was made to rebrand, as their previous identity was generic and did not represent who they are. Key visual themes of this new identity are:

  • Synergy denoted through the merging of the leaves in the center
  • Maple Leaf depicting Canada & the varied work of the network
  • Peace Tower representing the NCR

The identity was crafted to incorporate the ideas of innovation, youthfulness, and a flair of Canada.

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