Infused Creativity.

Burst needed to quench a genuine thirst for creativity and expression through a visual identity system for their infused ciders.

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The Burst Cider Co logo overlayed on a photo of a cider poured into a glass on a table in a restaurant.


Create a visual identity system that could extend across a line of evolving flavours of hard ciders while keeping brand continuity and demanding brand awareness.

A page from the Burst Cider Style Guide which depicts the brand's colour palette.

Project Brief.

Burst Cider Co is an innovative and refreshing hard cider producer that introduces bold flavours developed from freshly grown Ontario fruits. With a focus on carefully crafted small-batch production, Burst sets itself apart with its genuine thirst for creativity and prides itself on quality and distinctive originality.

The need for Burst to stand apart coincided with their position as a trendsetter — being the first infused cider maker in Ottawa. This created a unique development for the brand, as Burst was free to be crafted without industry or competitor confines.

“Altitude went above and beyond by really connecting with me and truly trying to understand my vision and my ideas for Burst. I felt like we were working on the project together, rather than them providing me a service.”

Vanessa G., Founder/CEO

The Details.

As a new entity, Altitude was able to work alongside the founder of Burst and dig into the bedrock of the brand. Through a brand discovery, we found that the brand held onto essential attributes of being welcoming and authentic, while also letting loose a little by being bold and creative.

Burst's mix of being approachable but also being wanting to be professional plays out in Burst's strategy, messaging, and the further development of the visual identity. Also, an added benefit ciders allow you to enjoy beverage experiences without the worry of excess calories like in beer!

a series of six alternative colour versions of Burst Cider's logomark.

The logomark was designed to be "bursting at the seams" and has the motif of a 'B' made up of overlapping elements which represents the infusion of multiple flavours in Burst's beverages. The B is seen as pressing out against the edges of its container, showing the company bursting out of the confines of craft cider makers. This helped visualize how Burst is leading the way with infused flavours and a bold crisp identity.

As an added element tying the logotype to the logomark, the tittle on the 'i' in Cider is made of an apple seed. The logo was designed to have a colour system that allowed hundreds of different combos to coincide with the ever changing beverage flavours. In the end one primary and six secondary colour combos were chosen as the mainstays which will be used as distinctive markers of key hard cider flavours.

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