Enabling Innovation.

Project Details: Completed 2017

  • Client: Enable Innovation Product Development
  • Industry: Product Design, Startup
  • Solutions: Logo Design


Waterloo, Ontario product design startup needed a visual identity that would pronounce itself as a leader in the product development sector in a tech startup heavy region.

The Details

As a new company, EIPD saw the necessity for a robust yet simple logomark. Starting up in the tech startup hub that is Waterloo Region, EIPD saw that startups and small businesses needed 3D printing and physical product development support, but most companies couldn't afford to maintain an in-house team.

    Key Identity Themes:
  • Lifecycle - Show that the company is involved for the entire product lifecycle.
  • Wireframe - Denote visually the company's work, mainly CAD/wireframing.
  • Simplified - The logomark needed to be simple and able to be 3d printed

EIPD acts as an extension of the clients it works with, involving itself in the entire lifecycle of product development. This was one of the leading themes that needed to be represented in the visual brand. We have always prided ourselves on keeping up with the latest design and technology trends, so, it was an exciting challenge, when EIPD asked that the logo not just work in the 2d space, but 3d as well, to include being 3d printable! Although we had never done it before, it was a great experience and one we will likely need to repeat in the future with the continuous advancement and development of the 3D printing space.

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